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Friday, January 21, 2011

Helpful tips for new models.

Helpful Tips for New models
There are three major factors to consider when becoming a model and I’d like to elaborate on them as I feel these are the three things that should be focused on,  in the industry today. One of the most important is a good portfolio. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a good solid portfolio put together by professionals (MUA/Hair/photographer/designer).  Another is communication. And finally is knowing your profession. Let’s take a look at these three factors.
A professional portfolio
There is no substitute for a professionally put together portfolio. There are a couple of things to consider here. One being more is not necessarily better. If you have three or four professionally done “good” shots, use them alone. Don’t keep the snap shots of you done by your friend or yourself. It just doesn’t do your portfolio any good to have candid or poorly done shots in your port.  The other is, spend some time (and money) getting good work done. All professional photographers will have a wide range of good MUA’s, hair stylists, and wardrobe people to really put together that awesome shoot that will bring people to truly appreciate what you have to offer and put together an outstanding portfolio.  Save a few bucks, find a good photographer that’s style you really appreciate, and book a shoot. You won’t be sorry.
I can’t tell you how important it is to keep good lines of communication open. In this crazy world of emails, texting, and whatever other forms of communication are out there, it sure is nice to hear a voice more often. I just recently did a casting call for a client project and received 25 tags, 16 emails, 6 texts, and one surprising phone call. Yes, it’s easier to text and mail in these busy times, but it was sure nice to get that call. The model was very professional and to the point, which told me a lot more about her than any other form of communication would. You also have to keep good line of contact about the shoot. Times, place, is there an MUA/hair, are you going to be on time, ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW UP. There’s no better way to ruin your reputation than to NOT show up for a shoot. Don’t wait to the last minute to contact your connection, most likely you will have been replaced. If you start getting super busy with your new modeling career, have a friend or assistant help out with keeping in contact with the people that will be furthering your business.
Knowing your profession
Practice…practice…practice! Modeling is a job and the harder you work the more you will benefit. Know your body and your looks. Practice posing and making different expressions in the mirror. The best models I’ve worked with can produce 10 different poses in a flash. All I have to say is LET’S WORK and they start busting out the moves. They know their good side, how their arms move the best, how their back lines look, and it can all be done in seconds. Yes, the photographer should know how direct and the overall look he or the client wants, but the work is up to you. Shoots can also last HOURS. Stay in shape! Not only to have a rocking body that everyone wants to hire but to stay the test of time on those 6 hour shoot in positions that only rubber bands where meant to be in. Practice your posing, practice your facial expressions, and know your body. The harder you work, the more you will be noticed.
I hope this helps a little bit. There’s definitely much more to it than this but these are a few things that will separate the pros from the Joes. I’d like to extend a very special thanks to the three models attached to this article. Megan Daniels, April Cheryse, and Alisha Olson for being prompt, keeping communication open, being lots of fun, and working the camera like no other. This was a swimwear shoot that was done in Costa Mesa, Ca. and they were all top of the line models that brought their “A” game.
Brandon Gamble

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Tim (MUA) from Cast of Thousands

Hello friends, I'd like to start by saying welcome to the new year!!! I hope everyone had a GREAT Holiday!
I had the opportunity to work with Tim from cast of Thousands this week and it was a pleasure to see him work. He is a MUA (make up artist) here in the Tacoma area and has been in the business for quite a while. We were doing a photo shoot for my mentor program with a new model looking to build her portfolio. Donal was the photographer (student) and Tim did MU. He was prompt, professional, good at his art, and fun to work with. It's so nice to meet professional people in this line of work as I find 50% of the time I'm dealing with flakes. I want any and all models who are reading this to understand the value of hiring a MUA. It's so important to spend that little extra bit to have your MU done by a PRO. I've met many models that do a very good job with their own MU but hiring a pro makes all the difference.

You can check out Tim's website at THANK YOU TIM

Have a GREAT day all!!!