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Monday, March 28, 2011

First Impressions

Do clients, photographers, and fashion designers want to see more of you when they see your photo for the first time? This is the VERY important question you want to ask yourself when putting together you promotional package.
Make sure the photo that’s on your resume, web portfolio, MM account, your promotional mailer, or whatever you’re using to promote yourself is SUPER OUTSTANDING and professionally done. It should be reviewed by friends, other photographers, and colleges that can help give you an honest opinion on how that first impression looks.
When a potential client is going through a modeling agency site or a Model Mayhem site they are looking through hundreds and hundreds of profiles and may never get a chance to see your full portfolio if the first photo on your profile doesn't blow them away or at least make them want to see more. Have that first photo shine, make sure it’s cropped from midway through the thigh (at least) if not just a GREAT head shot. I’ve seen too many, what I call “scenic photos” that have a picture of the most amazing building or land mark with the model in a tiny pose somewhere in it. You want that first photo to be full of YOU and to be the best one you’ve got.

I’ve seen more unpleasant photos representing models over the last few years than I care to mention. With the digital era apron us everyone thinks they’re a photographer and can do what the pros do including the models themselves. It used to be I would walk into a bar and ask if there was a photographer and no one would raise their hand…now I walk into a bar, ask the very same question and everyone raises their hand. DON’T BE FOOLED! A professional photographer will have credentials, a full commercial studio, unreal equipment, a website, and the education it takes to get the right shots for your proper representation.

Take the time to get a professional shoot, get others opinions, and make that first impression leave them wanting MORE!

Models: Megan Daniels, Janna Cardwell, April Cheryse, and Laura Aida Amador
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